Turkish Consulate General in Antwerpen

CG's Biography

Name-Surname                                                                         : Metin Ergin

Place and Date of Birth                                                            : 17/02/1967 Istanbul

Marital Status                                                                           : Married

Foreign Languages                                                                   : English

Education degree                                                                      : Master of Arts

University                                                                                  : Richmond University, Political and Economic Sciences, 1988

Master                                                                                        : University of Kent at Canterbury, International Conflict Analysis, 1991

Diplomatic career:

Deputy Directorate General for Northern Europe and Baltics - Probationary Officer  1992-1993

National Service 1993-1995

Bilateral Relations Department for Greece-Attache, Third Secretary 1995-1996

Embassy in Amman-Third Secretary, Second Secretary 1996-1999

Embassy in Berlin-Second Secretary 1999-2001

Personnel Department-Second Secretary, First Secretary 2001-2003

(Seconded to Secretariat -General for EU Affairs)                       

Embassy in Budapest-First Secretray, Counsellor  2003-2007

GIGY-Head of Department  2007-2009

Consulate General in Mostar-Consul General 2009-2011

Consular Affairs Department for Africa, Asia and America-Head of Department 2011-2015

Consulate General in Antwerp-Consul General  2015-