Turkish Consulate General in Antwerpen

Mustafa Kemalettin Eruygur

Mustafa Kemalettin Eruygur

Consul General

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Sorbenlaan 16, 2610
Wilrijk Antwerpen
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Consular Call Center Number:

+ 90 312 292 29 29


+32 3 8207100


+32 3 8300563

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Consular Service Hours:

Visa application hours 14.30-16.30


Turkey's Foreign Policy

The Republic of Turkey has been pursuing, since its establishment, a peaceful, realistic and consistent foreign policy guided by the principle “Peace at Home and Peace Abroad” set out by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Turkey conducts a foreign policy generating security and stability in its region and beyond based on its democratic and secular political system, vibrant economy and its tradition of reconciling modernity with its cultural identity.